Duke BB, Mike Tomlin win%, Antonio Brown absent, Kyrie Returns, and NFL Draft order

#Duke Men’s basketball gets the win over #GT

#MikeTomlin has 15 seasons over .500

#KyrieIrving returns to the #BrooklynNets and will be eligible for practice and road games

#Cowboys rookie LB Micah Parsons may miss the final week after being placed on the #Covid/Reserved List, Parsons was shooting for the Rookie sack record held by “The Freak” Jevon Kearse

#Bucs WR Antonio Brown has not returned to the team and has also not been cut from the team. Doc hopes that there can be some reconciliation between the two parties and Brown returns to the team and clears up the misunderstandings.

#TerellOwens has reached out to the Bucs about joining the team for the playoffs. There are no rules in the NFL that states a HOFer can’t join an active roster.

NFL Draft Order (Top 10) as of week 17

#Jaguars #Lions #Texans #Jets 4&7 #Giants 5&8 #Panthers #WFT #Falcons

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